Tuesday, January 13, 2009

National Safety Council Calls for Banning of Hands-Free Devices

While a 16-year-old texting or Mr. Important fidgeting with his BlackBerry while driving generally causes a small irritation to motorists, such as swerving or halting traffic when the light turns green – there is always that possibility the distraction might cause a major accident. Many states have already placed restrictions on hand-held devices in some form or fashion, but apparently the National Safety Council thinks these laws should include a ban on hands-free devices as well.

Really? The National Safety Council believes that hands-free devices are merely giving drivers a “placebo effect,” when in reality these devices don’t cause safer driving at all. The group also seems to be taking particular aim at businesses, saying that calling while driving can increase costs and even open up employers to liability.

The CITA went on record with a rebuttal stating, “Safe, sensible and limited use of a cell phone when you’re behind the wheel is possible,” and that if someone is ”driving irresponsibly because of cell phone use, they should be cited for that. And under current law, they can be.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, CITA. Now, what do you think?

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