Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama might get a BlackBerry replacement

President-elect Barack Obama has gone on the record stating how hard it will be for him to hand over his BlackBerry as he moves into the White House. He is pretty high up on the national government power-chain, so it would stand to reason the same government that makes super-cool, tricked-out spy gadgets (or is that just in the movies?) would have a secure BlackBerry replacement for our beloved commander in chief. I don’t know how 007 this phone is going to be, but I guess the good news for him is that he gets one! The NSA has approved a combination phone-PDA from General Dynamics called “Sectra Edge.” It’s a pretty thick device resembling the Palm Treo that connects with GSM and CDA networks and Wi-Fi using interchangeable modules. It’s a Windows Mobile device that allows top secret calls, emails and web browsing. 
This phone is water and dust proof, and can also withstand a four-foot drop onto concrete. I’m not quite sure if withstanding a small fall is that fantastic though. I’ve dropped my cell down three flights of stairs and it still works. Granted, it shuts off every once in a while on it’s own, but that’s normal, right?

Moving on… if Obama isn’t happy with his Sectra Galactica, L-3 is now working on “The Guardian” and we’re hoping it is a little more James Bond-ish.

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