Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Privus Mobile’s Caller ID Service Now Available in Handmark Online Store

Privus Mobile’s cell phone Caller ID solution is now available through Handmark desktop and on-device mobile web stores. As the only cross-carrier, real-time Caller ID solution in the world, Privus Mobile has helped thousands of mobile users achieve the same level of Caller ID service that landline phones have had for years and now is available through the robust Handmark smartphone application store. Available for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Palm devices, Privus Mobile’s solution offers Handmark customers a revolutionary service with unparalleled reliability unlike any other offering in the marketplace.

“Our users are constantly telling us how surprised they are after downloading the demo and seeing how quickly they adapt and depend on life with Privus Mobile,” said Privus Mobile President Greg Smith. “I think this is largely due to the fact that people don’t realize cell phones only display the caller name if you’ve already programmed them into your phone book unless you have Privus Mobile. We look forward to bringing this same experience and enlightenment to Handmark customers.”

As the global leader in the development and distribution of mobile media, Handmark was the logical choice to serve as a provider for Privus Mobile’s full-ranged Caller ID solution. Privus Mobile joins the elite team of content creators Handmark features that are driving the mobile media industry. Privus Mobile will leverage the global-tiered distribution platform and go-to-market speed Handmark offers to ensure everyone has quick and easy access to its patented real-time Caller ID service.

“Privus Mobile’s service is a great addition to the Handmark catalog of mobile applications,” said Eric Pfeifer, Director of Partner Marketing. “Caller ID for cell phones is a trend we see having significant potential and we are proud to partner with Privus Mobile to offer their solution to our customers.”

Privus Mobile is specifically designed for smartphones. A full list of compatible devices can be found on the Privus Mobile site or through the Handmark store. Interested parties also can download a free trial of the software through the Privus Mobile site. The three-month license is available from Handmark for the Windows Mobile (smartphone or PocketPC) version or the BlackBerry version as well as through the Privus Mobile site. 

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