Monday, January 5, 2009

Rumor Mill: AT&T EDGEing out 2G?

We’ve been watching the rumor mill, and word is AT&T has been quietly reallocating its EDGE service to its weaker 1900MHz band, which means weaker coverage. According to AT&T, this move is supposedly reinforcing 3G and strengthening its HSPA services. While AT&T isn’t technically phasing out its 2G service, it is essentially doing the same for many customers (especially those already having trouble with their AT&T service.) While this won’t effect many customers in urban areas, those of you further out will likely have to purchase a 3G device to retain data coverage.

I know there are hoards of EDGE-loathing, first-gen iPhone users out there, who for one reason or another haven’t upgraded yet and still rely on the ‘archaic’ network to deliver data. And what about those Bold and 3G iPhone users out there who have seen your devices switch back to EDGE constantly? AT&T should strengthen the 3G network before taking the legs out from underneath all its ‘rural’ EDGE users. Clap your hands and say "Yeah!" if you agree!

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