Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sprint Treo Pro to support simultaneous voice and data?

Sprint has semi-officially pushed back the launch date for its Treo Pro until late February, but that’s actually good news for Sprint customers. The company has decided to issue a $25 account credit to anyone that pre-ordered the device, but what’s even better is the little rumor that the Treo Pro could be the first device on the Sprint network to allow for simultaneous voice and data usage. So what does this mean for you?

Well, this capability brings you two amazing options (that most of you on a 3G network are currently enjoying.) For instance, I have this friend who always calls and I never answer because there is simply no polite way to stop her from talking. I mean she will just go on and on and on. After about five missed calls I bite the bullet and give her some excuse that generally pertains to how incredibly busy I am. Simultaneous voice and data usage allows me to put her on speaker phone and surf the Web while throwing out an occasional “uh-huh.” An option that I find quite attractive, might I add.

My favorite option however, is now all of my Sprint Treo totin’ friends will be able to enjoy real time mobile Caller ID with Privus Mobile. You see, Privus Mobile must be able to access its database on the Internet while the call is coming in. My favorite thing about Privus Mobile is after I choose not to answer the hairy Sasquatch (see commercial below), I can immediately save their number into my contact list for future call-screening pleasure.

I can just hear all of you Sprint readers rejoicing right now!

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