Friday, October 31, 2008

Give Your Cell Phone Its Own Halloween Costume

In case you didn’t get the note, it’s Halloween. While most of your cell phone activity is limited to prank calling, directions and pictures you hope don’t find their way to Facebook on Halloween, why not dress it up a little and let your technological companion join in the fun. Hey, if people can do things like this to their pets, you can put a free Halloween theme on your phone. Check out the links below for some of the staff’s favorite free, Halloween-themed cell phone downloads.
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Halloween Theme Pack (PocketPC) – Give everyone a rest from having to look at pictures of your kid or your dog on the front of your cell phone and download this theme pack to re-skin your interface with something a bit more festive.

Pocket Brains Halloween Edition – It’s the same memory game you grew up with but with a few tricks and treats added for Halloween. Okay, so in reality it’s not that cool, but if you’ve got kids then you’ll probably see some use out of it. Our opinion: Just download the free trial. It only includes four different boards, but that’s about how long your kids will play it before they get distracted by something shiny.

Halloween Themes for BlackBerry – Don’t worry BlackBerry users, we didn’t forget about you. BlackBerry Theme Park has a modest assortment of Halloween themes for you to download.

Well there’s a few to give you a head start before your evening festivities. Check ‘em out and get back to us on what you think. And if you find any additional ones out there, let us know. Happy Halloween everyone!

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