Monday, December 29, 2008

BlackBerry Phones for 2009

A leaked blueprint has surfaced showing changes being made to current models said to be released next year. The Bold is going to be available in a CDMA version, which will be called the BlackBerry 9030 or Niagara. Two other CDMA models are said to be the 8230 Apex based off the Pearl Flip, and the 8930 Jupiter (yet another model of the ever-present Curve). Looks like Verizon and/or Sprint users are finally going to have a crack at RIM’s latest designs.

Speaking of milking the Curve for all its worth, it is speculated the 8900 Curve will get a 3G version as well as the Curve 9220 Magnum. The 9900 Pluto is another Bold derivative and keeps the current features of the first 3G BlackBerry, but adds a touchscreen along with an updated web browser. While we’re on the subject of touchscreens, let’s talk about the changes supposedly being made to the newly released Storm. Word is the Storm will make its way over to Europe with a slider QWERTY keyboard and, unfortunately for those of you across the pond, Wi-Fi instead of EVDO. Here’s to hoping some of these refreshed models will be making their way to the U.S., except for the Wi-Fi-only Storm. The Europeans and Vodafone can keep that.

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