Monday, December 22, 2008

Palm Nova and Palm Treo Pro Coming to a Carrier Near You

Palm CEO, Ed Colligan, hasn’t been terribly loose-lipped concerning his big announcements at CES next month. He has been reported spilling the beans about the new direction they are taking with their smartphones, as well as information about their new operating system, Nova. Colligan says Nova’s platform is of great significance for regaining their leading position on the smartphone market. The Nova has been said to have been delivered to a selection of developers with hopes that by the time their first devices hit the market in the first half on 2009, they will have a wide variety of programs at their disposal.

In their other markets, the company is going to continue selling PDA devices but won’t develop any new ones moving forward. So those of you still using PDAs (for whatever reason) will need to get them while you still can. We have a feeling Palm is only continuing to sell them so they can clear their inventories and become solely a smartphone manufacturer. For all of you business users worrying about having to learn a new operating system, don’t fret. Windows Mobile will be used with all business-class devices, while Nova is destined for the mass models. Kind of makes you wonder what exactly Palm has up their sleeve with Nova since the aging Palm OS was a pretty business-centric operating system.

In further news about Palm’s Windows Mobile offering, Palm is also looking to bring the nice, but expensive Treo Pro to a “major US carrier” to hopefully cut down on the initial cost. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with a little Sprint leak we saw not a few months back.

Here’s hoping to a rejuvenated Palm in 09!

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