Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pandora goes mobile with Windows Mobile

Is anyone else as addicted to Pandora as I am? I know myself and pretty much everyone at my office listens to Pandora all day – while working, of course. Matter of fact, my Pandora is currently blowing holiday cheer through my speakers and throughout my office. Pandora has decided to team up with Windows Mobile devices to bring its users Mobile Pandora. This version will have many of the same features as the online version, such as creating new stations, bookmarking songs and rating songs with thumbs up or thumbs down. Pandora will initially support the Motorola Q9c and HTC XV6900 on Verizon’s network, and the Motorola Q9c and HTC Touch on Sprint’s network. Pandora will add support for other Windows Mobile devices gradually. This news is even better if you can hook your phone up to you car. Oh Windows Mobile, I love you more and more with every day.

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