Thursday, December 4, 2008

Windows Live Goes Mobile

The re-launch of the new Windows LIVE is, well, live and part of this includes some significant upgrades to Windows LIVE Mobile. There are a ton of Windows LIVE features you can access for free on your mobile phone now such as; Hotmail, Messenger, Live Search, Live Spaces, Local Search, MSN Mobile, and special features for your Nokia and BlackBerry devices. You can find full features list here.

The really cool part is how it will allow your cell phone to sync-up nicely with the new version of Outlook Connector, so with this new service you basically have the capabilities of an Exchange server… without actually having an Exchange server.

Now, here’s to hoping Windows will bring Live Mesh into the mix and we can have a central mobile platform for all of our social networking and cloud computing needs. I’m looking at you Windows 7!

Not familiar with all the nifty things Windows Live can do for you? Watch this video.

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