Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Cell Phone News Roundup

Nothing particularly earth-shattering today by way of cellular news, but some little tid-bits popped up here and there. So, here are some interesting news bites for you:

Fennec to come to Symbian S60 phones

For those of you with Windows Mobile, or any device other than the iPhone for that matter, that are stuck with a lackluster browser holding out hope that someone, someday, will develop something to fulfill your dreams – unfortunately, Mozilla’s Fennec won’t be your browser in shining armor. That is unless you’re packin’ a Nokia smartphone. The reason Mozilla went ahead and went monogamous with the global giant was simple – the large market share of Symbian smartphones (about half of the entire market.) More information should be made available as we near April 2009, when advanced testing will begin.

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Estonia to allow voting via SMS by 2011

Not only will Estonia be using SMS to vote for American Idol (or the Estonian equivalent), but they will be using SMS to vote in national elections by 2011. In order to make the vote legit, citizens must obtain a chip to be inserted into the phone before election day. Wonder what else this chip will be used for? Sorry, sometimes I get a little George Orwell with technology (I’m working on it). However, with the technological progress Obama made during his campaign, I can’t help but wonder if someday the U.S. will implement this kind of technology in some form or fashion.

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Palm is going to introduce a new OS next month

Information has been leaked about Palm’s new operating system, code name “Nova.” This OS is expected to be demonstrated together with the first device to use it, during the CES 2009 expo next month. Said to balance the business and multimedia needs of its projected users, I can’t wait to see if this star shines brightly or falls flat.

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iPhone Nano revealed by (another) silicone case mockup?

Although this isn’t the most official way to announce an important Apple product, I just can’t help fan this rumor’s flame. Apparently, iDealsChina is reporting the XSKN is working on a skin for the iPhone’s mini-me. It’s reported to be shorter and chubbier than iPhone 3G, but surprisingly identical in specs (except for the fact it will support the EDGE network, isn’t that a step back?) Word is this new handset will be unveiled at Macworld next month and leaked photos should be surfacing within the next couple of days. Can’t wait to see how this rumor pans out.

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Sprint launches push-to-talk BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Sprint is hailing the Curve 8350i as the “most advanced push-to-talk BlackBerry smartphone ever.” It’s been getting some pretty good reviews, so why don’t you go check it out yourself. If you like BlackBerrys and walkie-talkies, this just might be your dream phone!

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