Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nokia Buys Symbian and Looks to Linux?

Leave it to Nokia to cause puzzled looks and intrigue in one fell swoop. In continuation of the Barcelona event, Nokia announced that it has officially bought Symbian. Yea, that’s right, Symbian wasn’t actually a part of Nokia, but Nokia did own a big chunk of it. Well, now Nokia owns the whole thing and the world’s largest smart phone manufacturer is the proud owner of an antiquated operating system.

This, on its own, isn’t that big of a news item. Sure it’s a little surprising that it took Nokia this long to actually follow through with the buyout, but it’s not like anyone else was going to pick up Symbian’s operating system. What’s truly interesting is when you combine this announcement with a little tidbit Nokia’s CEO threw in during an interview today.

Evidently, Nokia is interested in using Linux in the future for some of its high-end phones. Why would Nokia buy an operating system and then say that it’s interested in using Linux in the future? That is truly the intriguing part of this equation.

We’ll probably hear more Thursday at the Symbian’s partner meeting, but until then my head will still be running rampant with ideas and possibilities! How awesome would it be if Nokia was able to create an experience similar to the instant-on Linux we’ve seen in netbooks but for your phone. Give me that and I’ll definitely pay $700 for your phone.

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