Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And to the Highest Bidder goes… A Yet to be Released BlackBerry Bold?

BlackBerry fans have been waiting – and waiting – for the supposed summer-release of the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T. They grew angered with its European release, then relieved as it was recalled due to numerous bugs and glitches. However, the impatience is back, particularly now that the end is in sight. We know that the Bold will be released Nov. 4 (a Tuesday, for those of you counting down the days and weeks), but for one lucky (and outrageously high) bidder, the official, AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold will come a little bit sooner. eBay user underworldkid in New York City (feedback rating: 2, 100 percent positive) has listed an unboxed Bold that has about a day left in auction (it ends at 5:23:01 p.m. Pacific on Oct. 23). The bidding began at $500 and is already up to $730. The phone is unboxed, touched by human flesh, and it’s still pulling close to half of what underworldkid paid for it. Not to mention, anybody with eBay experience knows that all of the exciting, last-minute desperation bidding is yet to come.

Other than being amazed at the potential moolah underworldkid stands to earn from the sale, I have two thoughts. First, I really hope the Bold lives up to its hype and is worth every shiny cent the winner pays for it. Second, how can I get in on this gig? Anyone out there with yet-to-be-released phones I can sell? I have a 100 percent feedback rating, too!

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