Thursday, October 2, 2008

It’s Been a Good Year for HTC

If you’re the type of person who keeps up with mobile trends and the smartphone market, you’ve no doubt been inundated with stories about HTC. High Tech Computer is quickly becoming a leader in cell phone technology and is arguably the leader in phones running on Windows Mobile operating systems. Add its partnership with Google’s Android – the HTC G1 is set to launch on T-Mobile in just a few days – and HTC’s dominance rises even further.

The undeniable phone leaders are still Nokia and BlackBerry, but HTC isn’t complaining about its third-place slot. They’re predicting they will sell 13 to 15 million phones this year, largely thanks to its launch of the Touch line of phones. That’s quite the feat, considering that HTC wasn’t even in the top five phone manufacturers at the beginning of the year. Watch for HTC to continue its climb in the mobile industry.

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