Monday, October 27, 2008

Bell, Solo Release Phone Details for Q4

The guys over at Boy Genius have done it again, this time convincing the team over at Bell to put some dates on the lineup of phones launching before 2009 – and what a list it is! While Solo’s lineup is a bit thinner, the inclusion of unlimited SMS on all voice plans over $25 makes it worth a second look as Bell’s value-minded brand.

It’s starting to look like our Canadian readers have at least one more serious option this holiday season. And before you ask, that’s not a typo; Bell really is getting both the Diamond and the Touch Pro. If you’re unfamiliar with Canada’s third-place cellular provider, they’re like Sprint except for the fact that they’re in Canada and they don’t waste their time trying to bash Google’s Android. Check out some of the juicy details below or click here for a complete run through from Boy Genius.

Bell/Solo Launch Details

  • BlackBerry Storm debut – November 21st
  • HTC Diamond – “early” November with 4GB internal memory
  • HTC Touch Pro – “early” December
  • Monthly roll-over minutes!
  • Unlimited SMS and Voicemail – $15
  • Ability to have data plan without voice plan
  • Unlimited SMS on voice plans over $25 – Solo

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