Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wednesday Social – Tweeting with Pictures

While I still find it difficult to let the world know what I’m doing in 140 characters or less, Twitter has taken the social networking world by storm. It is an unfettered, simple way of keeping in-touch without the hassles of punctuation or articles. And with a simple shortened URL, you can share pictures and Web sites with all of your friends (known and unknown) from wherever you are. Windows Mobile has numerous Twitter applications, but there are three we think are worth shaking a stick at.

Twitpic is a picture function that allows you to attach a URL to a Twitter post that houses a photo you wish to share with your friends and followers. Twitpic itself is not a mobile application, although you can access it from any Web browser. There are some Windows Mobile applications that do support Twitpic as a feature, including Tiny Twitter and ceTwit. Tiny Twitter and ceTwit are both applications that use your data plan instead of your text messaging to send tweets, check your friends’ feeds, check reply and direct messages and include pictures in your tweets. Tiny Twitter also includes Geolocation, enabling you to pinpoint your exact location when you send tweets.

TwitterCam is similar to Tiny Twitter and ceTwit, but uses its own picture-uploading abilities (separate from Twitpic). TwitterCam was authored as a program specifically meant to send picture tweets, rather than supporting pictures with other Twitter functions.

Whichever application you use, you can pack a punch into 140 characters, whether it be with a sentence, phrase, word or picture (they’re known to be worth a 1,000 words—and since a word is on average five characters, that 5,000 characters, or at least 35 tweets).

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