Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Change the Default Web Browser on Your Windows Mobile Phone

Internet Explorer Mobile is pretty much the bane of all Windows Mobile phones. Sure you can install another browser on your phone (check here for our recommendations), but anytime you click a link in an email, you’ll still be reminded that your phone’s default browser is about as useful as the I Am Rich app off the iTunes store. Luckily, our friends at XDA have come to the rescue yet again. Using JZ Smart Mort you can make any browser your default browser as well as switch between browsers with the greatest of ease.

The program can be downloaded at, but we’ve been kind enough to post the link at the end of the post to make your trip a bit easier. You can read up on how to go about installing everything as well as get some additional troubleshooting tips on the forum post here, as well. JZ Smart Mort does work with Torch Mobile’s Iris browser, Opera and Skyfire, which should be more than enough to suit your browsing needs. One note: if you’re using Opera, make sure to upgrade to version 4.1.

Check it out at XDA. Of course, if you’ve got any questions, you can always leave us a comment below or put a post up on XDA. After you’ve got it downloaded, head back here on your new default browser and check out what else you can be using your phone for, or I guess you could just click play below…but if you do it on your phone people will think you’re cool.

Download JZ Smart Mort

1 comment:

Xun said...

great work!
switching default browser is the function that i have been long time looked for.
but there is some bug with opera mobile 9.5.
it always opens 2 windows in opera, one is empty with url just "http://"