Monday, October 6, 2008

Privus Mobile Named Best BlackBerry Evolution Application by Handango

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that out of a collection of over 140,000 mobile applications available on Handango, Privus Mobile was chosen as the winner of the Best BlackBerry Evolution. The award was part of the 2008 Handango Champion Awards. In less than three months since our launch, we’ve already been recognized by the industry’s leading cell phone software distributors as one of the most evolutionary programs for the BlackBerry. The award was given based on our outstanding customer feedback, sales, product marketing and product quality.

For those just getting to know us, Privus Mobile’s Caller ID service for cell phones displays callers’ names and numbers on the display screen for all incoming calls – not just those in your contacts. Privus Mobile stood out as an application that makes its users’ lives easier and more productive as it takes the guesswork out of incoming and missed calls. From business professionals to college socialites, Privus Mobile is happy to assist with simplifying the management of your contacts, an accomplishment we’re proud to say is worthy of a Handango Champion Award!

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