Monday, October 20, 2008

Cell Phone Power Rankings: Best of September 2008 Edition

You might love your cell phone, but does the rest of the free world? Depends on the type of heat your phone’s packing. Avian Research L.L.C. completed a monthly retail store survey, polling 100 service representatives at stores nationwide to find out what the consumers are demanding. RIM smartphones have held the top spot the last few months, and their domination continues with the Blackberry Curve taking Numero Uno for September. Apple’s iPhone and LG’s Dare took home silver and bronze, respectively. That’s a significant difference from NPD’s September findings, which listed the Motorola Razr V3 as the top-selling handset. Seemed like there was something kind of odd about the Razr V3 being the top phone. I mean, c’mon, the V3 is older than Methuselah in phone years. I know they’re popular, but still … .

Avian also mentioned that half of the Top 10 devices are smartphones, and four of the top six devices feature touchscreens. Evidently, people are getting extra “touchy” with their new phones. Is your phone on the list?

Avian Research’s Top 10 Most Popular Handsets
1. RIM Blackberry Curve
2. Apple iPhone
3. LG Dare
4. RIM Blackberry Pearl
5. LG Voyager
6. Samsung Instinct
7. LG Rumor
8. LG Shine
9. Palm Centro
10. Nokia 5310

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