Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News Round-up on BlackBerry – What Can We Expect?

BlackBerry phones and applications have been occupying much of the news lately. Not only are we still hearing (a lot) about the Bold and the Storm, but BlackBerry announced two app centers for its users.

First, the Research In Motion CEO announced that RIM’s top-of-the-line BlackBerry Bold is being delayed from its release on AT&T’s network in hopes that it can avoid the same glitches experienced by iPhone 3G users earlier this year. Meanwhile, advertising for the BlackBerry Storm, to be released on Verizon’s network, is ramping up. The first of the television advertising is scheduled to hit CBS primetime tonight. This leaves consumers wondering which will appear first: AT&T with the Bold or Verizon with the Storm? It should be an exciting race!

Meanwhile, two application stores have been announced for BlackBerry phones. The first, the BlackBerry Application Center, is the official application store for RIM and will work for new BlackBerry phones like the Storm. Similar to the Apple Apps Store, BlackBerry and its carriers must approve apps sold inside the store. The other app store, more interestingly named BerryStore is an unaffiliated store for BlackBerry users. Its unique name comes along with a unique characteristic—it will provide applications for all BlackBerry phones, not just the new ones.

Finally, for all of you BlackBerry users with a Mac at home, a BlackBerry Media Sync is soon to be available for you. You’ll be able to have all the perks the PC users have been enjoying since July.

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