Friday, October 24, 2008

BlackBerry Introduces Push Instant Messaging

While Nokia made the announcement that it’s turning away from enterprise support and moving towards mainstream consumers, it seems like BlackBerry is the one actually doing something. RIM’s latest onslaught of applications are really pushing the business smartphone manufacturer into the mainstream market and IM+’s latest creation looks to propel them even further.

IM+ and BlackBerry teamed up to shoot out a new, first-of-its-kind IM application that will push instant messages straight to your e-mail, allowing you to respond in an e-mail format. The reply then gets pushed back in the same format as the instant messaging service, and the receiver is none the wiser.

We discussed IM+ in our list of favorite instant messaging applications for Windows Mobile phones a few weeks ago, although this development shoots it to the top of our list. Having all the benefits of an IM program on your phone without

having to leave it running in the background and draining my battery all day is pretty nifty. At roughly $50, the program’s certainly not cheap, but if you’re an IM-aholic, check out the seven-day free trial and see if it’s worth it.

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