Friday, October 3, 2008

FACT or FICTION: New Nokia Concept Phone to Replace E90

We heard Nokia was planning on shifting away from targeting business users and concentrating on the consumer market with it software a few days ago, but everyone was a little fuzzy on how they were actually planning on doing it. Of course, they have the N-series, but would the E-series just die out? According to the latest concept for the E90 successor, not quite.

With the touchscreen-flip-action being detailed in these images, it looks like Nokia could have some interesting cards up its sleeve. There haven’t been any details on whether this new capability is in development or just for lookin’ pretty in a slideshow, but if the specs are right, this could demand a bit of attention. Touchscreen lovers get some love on the front and those who just aren’t ready to give up their tactile QWERTY keyboards can pop a smile with a simple flip. That’s all we know for now.

Of course, we’re guessing with Nokia’s new-found love for all-around users, we’ll see the full benefits of the open-source Symbian Foundation in there as well, although that’s just our speculation. We're still unsure what Nokia's going to do about business data syncing. Maybe we'll see a hint of Windows Mobile or, even better, Android in here?

What would you like to see behind that glossy screen? I’m thinking with Nokia’s already high-end status in the States, it could put some processing power behind this new innovation and throw in some WiMAX to replace the N810 Internet Tablet as well, giving it some distinction in the market and justifying its high price tag.

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