Monday, October 13, 2008

FACT or FICTION: Windows Mobile Running on iPhone 3G?

Big news this morning in the mobile world: Norwegian Erik Kristiansen has managed to get Windows Mobile on an iPhone 3G. According to the video below, Kristiansen has enabled iPhone users to choose between an Apple or Windows Mobile operating system upon turning on the phone. In my experience, there are two types of iPhone users, although they are not mutually exclusive. There are those who are Apple loyalists (and these users probably have zero interest in applying Windows Mobile to their iPhone) and those who like the usability of the iPhone, which has been often-noted as the smartphone most fun to use. There are doubtless numerous individuals who would love to have Windows Mobile running on their iPhone, giving them the ability to cut/paste and run programs in the background, among other perks. If this breakthrough holds true, Windows Mobile-exclusive applications and services on the 3G iPhone could be just an unlocked iPhone away from becoming a reality.

What do you think about Windows Mobile on an iPhone? Does it increase the value of the phone or undermine all that is good about Apple’s often-imitated device? One thing’s for sure – if Kristiansen’s modifications are correct, the iPhone could be getting a makeover by a lot of users.

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