Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samsung Epix Review Round-up

The Samsung Epix has landed on AT&T’s network and, with an increase in attention toward BlackJack’s supposed successor, the new phone is being labeled as a budget-minded iPhone/Palm alternative. With a touchscreen, a revised WM 6.1 Professional interface, 3G, Stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, the Epix looks like the must-have Windows Mobile smartphone from the carrier – but is it everything its name implies?

Reviews have it so-so. Most are saying it’s a great phone if you need one, but you shouldn’t throw out your old BlackJack or WM 6.1 device for it. The optical mouse is a vast improvement over the Omnia’s and the addition of Wi-Fi and the skinned, customizable homescreen is a nice facelift on the aging Windows Mobile platform. The downside? The frame seems a bit cheaper than the previous BlackJack’s and the keyboard has some stiffness that may or may not ease with extended use. We love its support for 32GB microSD cards by the way, even though the card would cost more than the phone.

Check out the reviews below for a more extensive run down of Samsung’s latest addition to AT&T’s lineup.

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